Tuesday, July 28, 2015

About the project

Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle
01 May – 31 December 2015
This project is funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ Programme


        Entrepreneurship should be considered as a mindset that can be usefully applied in all working activities and in daily life and refers to an individual's ability to turn ideas into action.
     Starting from this perspective, EuroDEMOS Association developed the international training Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle, that took place in Iasi, Romania, between 08 th – 17th July 2015 and at which participated 27 youth leaders and youth workers from EU and from neighboring countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Spain and Hungary.

        The objectives of the project Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle were:
- To develop management and entrepreneurship skills of 27 youth leaders and youth workers from 9 countries
- To strengthen collaboration between 10 active organizations in youth field from countries members of EU and from neighboring countries
- To train 27 resource persons to contribute to the development of nongovernmental organizations with activities of developing social entrepreneurship spirit and fund raising skills among youth
- To promote at European level the importance of cooperation between nongovernmental and private sectors for solving social causes, inclusively for including youth with fewer opportunities

      The training was implemented by EuroDEMOS staff team of professionals, trainers of trainers with expertise and performances in youth field that have developed cross border and international strategies and contributed to the development of youth policies.

Within the training were present special guests:
-          His Excellency Dr. Morel Bolea – EuroDEMOS President
-          Mr. Mihai Chirica – Iasi City Mayor
-          Mr. Sorin Avraam Iacoban – Deputy in Romanian Parliament
-          Mr. Petru Movila – Deputy in Romanian Parliament

The project activities were based on non formal education methods and included: specialty inputs on entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, business development, human resources management, presentations on Erasmus+, Youthpass and the 8 key competences, practical activity with an entrepreneurs from local community, workshops to conceive a business plan including social entrepreneurship, debate and local meeting related to youth lifestyle, workshop and world cafe about the development of fundraising activity etc. 

Within the training the participants worked in international teams and created plans of social businesses. The main ideas of the proposed entrepreneurial ideas were:
- „Cosmin events”  - a firm on cultural and educational events that will invest to train the own staff selected from persons with disabilities, part of the profit will be invested in developing volunteering activities in the communities in which the events will be organized;
- „Crocodile Bus”  - o transport firm that will realize also for free the transport to school for children from little communities
- o firm that will realize software product valorizing the work of persons with locomotor disabilities;
- „Be visible” – that will aim to create computers and phones for blind persons;
- a network of restaurant that will use products from small farmers, that can provide fresh products but they don't have opening to the market; at the end of the day, the products that will remain will be offered to the persons in need.
- a firm for selective waste collection and valorising of these through the involvement of social disadvantages persons; the firm will realize also public informative campaigns regarding the selective waste collection, but also an event to promote the objects that will be made from recycled products.
At the end of the project the participants received specialized training kits and Youthpass certificates. 

To promote the project results it was created a blog and a movie of the project:

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